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Kids Outdoor Zone

Did you know the average boy today spends 40 minutes a week outside 70 HOURS a week looking at a screen. Did you know almost half of all the boys in the US go to bed at night without a father in the home. If you add all the physical, mental and spiritual hurts that find their way into a boys heart from these two factors alone you know we have a problem, a big problem.

How do we rescue our boys today and train them to be the good, Godly, healthy men, brothers, fathers, leaders of tomorrow? Where do we find men to mentor these boys.

KOZ (Kids Outdoor Zone) is an Outdoor Ministry for Boys. Men in churches start a group. They commit to half a Saturday a month to train boys in outdoor skills and to be a Godly young man. These men talk with the boys around campfires and fishing ponds, in parks and on mountain trails. It’s a beautiful thing and it is exactly how Jesus trained his closest disciples.

Find out more or start a KOZ group in your church at www.kidsoutdoorzone.com