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Cure Duchenne

Do you want to help save the lives of 300,000 children? Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is 100% fatal for boys and young men who are born with this disease.  The cause is a genetic mutation on the primary protein gene in the human body.  These young boys are born with the defect and there is no cure available to save their lives.  Without this protein, their legs, heart and lungs deteriorate, starting at the age of 12 and progressing until they pass away, usually by age 25. While it is devastating, CureDuchenne was established with a goal of funding research to give these children hope by paving a way to a curative treatment.  Since we know the cause of the disease, it is just a matter of time and funding until the ultimate cure is found.  By supporting CureDuchenne, you are supporting an organization which has funded over 14 major therapeutic projects which have led to clinical trials in children all over the world. In the end, you are giving hope to 300,000 families who need a cure.  Thank you for supporting our efforts and giving life to children all over the world.